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creating a picture larger than a piece of paper by printing out the picture in sections sized to a page, then connecting those pages in the proper order.
He couldn't buy the poster, so he rasterbated it.
by phanna July 13, 2005
A mixture of Rastafarian-ism and masturbation, to "rasterbate" is the act of being stoned while masturbating.
After hitting the bong a few times, Jen and John went into the bedroom. Jeremy has no lady so he sat in the living room to rasterbate.
by couch.40 July 12, 2011
To spend many hours working in photoshop making a picture look exactly the same as it did when you started.
"Man... My eyes are killing I've been working on that new logo all day. I need a bigger monitor"

"Yeah, they always said that too much rasterbation would make you go blind"
by CheShA March 02, 2005
To spend to much time on the Internet or the computer turning a whiter shade of pale.
Example of Rasterbate | Go outside every once in a while before your brain starts to rot from too much rasterbating.
by j2p September 09, 2005
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