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Usually used in Jamaican society to insult another being. Similar to the word bombaclaat it has a offensive meaning to deter conflict between two individuals.
The closest english translation would be bastardhole or shit features.
What the rasclaat is this pigeon doing in my room?

A wha dis likkle midgit doing with his rasclaat circus?

Who dem bare feelings dem a carry, u wan test mi food. So mi say again, WELL DUN, you rasclaat
by Damian "Well Dun" Rothbarth April 25, 2006
Jamaican swear word. Noun. Comparable to "bastard hole", Shit features, arse-cloth. Rass being "arse" and claat(or klaat) being "cloth".An insulting term for a person,also related to menstruation.
"get lost, you rasclaat!"
"oh, rasclaat!!"
by Pogmotoin September 30, 2008
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