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to hit someone over the head, or anywhere, with a frying pan, knocking them out
The first time her boyfriend hit her, she rapunzelled his ass. He never beat her again.
by Disney~MusicChick September 03, 2011
A girl in her early teens who has a long blonde braid, esp. when viewed as the object of heterosexual pedophiliac desire. See also: Lolita
Rapunzel, rapunzel, let down your golden hair.
by PearwinTeaclock April 04, 2005
When you take a crap that is so long that you can climb up to a tower.
Phew, hey guys you need to come in here and see this. I just dropped a rapunzel. I am not talking 8 inches, 12 inches or 16 inches. This is a minimum 20 incher. Who has a camera, this is a work of art.
by SavedByZero July 20, 2009
Before having intercourse with a woman, install a hook or loop on a wall where you will be having sex. Get her to agree to have sex with you at this place.

During sex, you should be on your back and she should be sitting up. Pull her hair over the hook. Rather than casual humping, you should use the hook as a pulley- yank down on her hair to lift her up, and then release to bring her back down.

This is easiest if the woman grows her hair out for a while first.
I love the way my bitch screams when we Rapunzel- fuck.
by JR DB December 16, 2009
Someone who has a hairy ass... I MEAN A REAL hairy ass.
Hey up there, hang your ass out the window and ill climb up. I WILL SAVE YOU!!!
by Ashley January 11, 2005
When you're doing a girl up the butt and you reach down and pluck an asshair and yell "RAPUNZEL!"
Yo I was doin this girl up the ass and I Rapunzeled her ass!
by chris October 09, 2004
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