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A Rapist pure and simple
So he was moved uo onto tier 18 with all the other RAPOS
by Mugwump November 11, 2004
A variety of music, similar to American hip-hop or rap, produced in Mexico.
1. Damn Mexicans and their rapo music!

2. Yo, homles, my cousin Cesar just sent me this new rapo shit from down near Baja. It's tight, ese!
by Menoth July 10, 2008
The greatest soccer player for Italy in the world.
"Rapo wins the world cup for his team"
by Jim Plutain October 27, 2003
The Seven Guidelines to Rapo:

1 - Find a girl.

2 - Number one is the hardest part, so let me stress again - find a girl. Get her to your house. Make sure she's a bit thick.

3 - If she's not, play her with booze until she is.

4 - When you're kissing just start to pull her pants off. You'll known by this stage if a rapo or sex is on the cards. Don't take her top off. This way it looks more like rapo to anyone walking in.

5 - Just take her keks off and start to shag her as hard as you can. No time for a condom.

6 - Don't ask for it, for fuck's sake. If she says yes then you haven't committed a rapo.

7 - Make an amusing conversation involving her and your mates the next day. Nobody likes a good rapo story better than your mates. If the girl's sound she'll see the funny side of being rapod. All girls are little slags anyway.
It wasn't rape, I swear... it was rapo.
by Tim, Jesus Sucks October 12, 2004
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