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Pretty sure this is what Canola oil is called in Europe. Just doesn't sound right in US.
Rape seed oil.
by Aaron April 23, 2004
Pronunciation: 'rAp-"sEd
Function: noun

1. The seed of the rape plant (Brassica napus of the mustard family) that is the source of rapeseed oil.

2. The technical term for the semen that is fired into the vagina or anus during vaginal or anal rape, respectively.

Etymology: A neologism fusing the terms "rape", meaning non-consensual intercourse; and "seed" a biblical term for ejaculatory fluid.
1. Look at all this marvellous rapeseed, soon we can turn this into biofuels and save the planet!

2. Yeah bitch, yeah, do you like that? I'm gonna pour my hot rapeseed into your cunt, your my bitch now, you slut.
by Reverend Pope May 21, 2009
Ingredient in Peanut Butter... go figure
Check this, "rape seed", heh
by DOS Junkie April 21, 2004
One of the majopr exports of the UK. Not well like by hayfever sufferers.
GUY: I'm going to rape you!

Hayfever girl: oh no!

*Guy throws rape seed at girls' nose*
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 23, 2004
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