When one person starts, or refuses to end, a relationship with another person by just being stubborn.
1. "I thought we were just going to hook up once but the next day he told me that we needed to have dinner with his parents since we were a couple now. I guess I'm in for another rapelationship."

2. "I tried to break up with my girlfriend but she just said 'no'. Four hours of arguing later, somehow I end up apologizing and we're still going out! I'm stuck in a rapelationship!"
by mylz February 22, 2008
Top Definition
Noun. A business relationship characterized by one party boning the other--figuratively and financially that is--at every single opportunity. No actual sexual relationship is present.
Man, I'm in this awful rapelationship with Nick. He's completely screwing me over; what a dick!
by Slagathor September 23, 2005
When someone forces another to be in a friendship or partnership. Similar to the rape, the one being forced DOES NOT enjoy it at all.
Michael: Hey, we're gonna be friends now,k? Mk. We're gonna do everything together now. I'm so happy BFF!

Victim: :(

Brandon: Looks like Michael is in ANOTHER rapelationship.
Elian: I know. I feel bad for THAT guy.
by Ean650 May 21, 2013
to be forced into a relationship that was unwanted by one person
dude, susan was totally in a rapelationship with harry!
by whitealicious June 05, 2015
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