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A sex act. to perform a Strom Thurmond is to double fist someone, then spread your arms as hard as you can. It is called the Strom Thurmond because of his support for segregation: after you tear a man or woman in half by doing this their two halves are "seperate but equal"
"I was just trying to get a little kinky, but I accidently gave my boyfriend a Strom Thurmond and now I'm on trial for murder!"
by mylz February 22, 2008
When one person starts, or refuses to end, a relationship with another person by just being stubborn.
1. "I thought we were just going to hook up once but the next day he told me that we needed to have dinner with his parents since we were a couple now. I guess I'm in for another rapelationship."

2. "I tried to break up with my girlfriend but she just said 'no'. Four hours of arguing later, somehow I end up apologizing and we're still going out! I'm stuck in a rapelationship!"
by mylz February 22, 2008

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