To contain and utterly destroy the other team in their spawn area. Usually happens when stronger team flanks all sides.
"CTD just raped the hell out of us!"
by Bubba10 July 03, 2005
Pronounced- wrap-'ead.

Definition- When someone forcefully enters a conversation against the person's wishes; without consent. This is the raping of conversation.
Man 1- And the thing with the theory of evolution is--
Annoying man- Yeah, evolution, huh?! Crazy!
Man 1- Can you just let me finish, we're talking her--
Annoying Man- The thing is that how can we agree with it when it conflicts with the bi--
Man 2- that's not the issue at all!
Man 1- Can you please just go away.
Annoying Man- Oh, fine!
Man 1-... We just got totally Rap-ed.
by uwanttruthitellz May 10, 2009
To be owned/pwned in Call of Duty.
OMG i totally just raped that dude.
by Corey Hammond March 17, 2010
To be completly Pwned/Owned. Destroyed. To beat someone horribly.
Red Team:100
Blue Team:14
by NotSoBright December 11, 2008
In competitive wrestling:

a)Losing horribly to someone obviously better than you.

b)Having some body part of the opponent protrude your anus.
a) Dude, I just got totally raped. He tech pinned me twice in 45 seconds!

b) What the fuck?!?! Your knee just went up my ass!
Ya, well I pretty much just raped you.
by shmcminn November 23, 2007
1)Describes the removal or theft of your property by some muggy rat bastard.
2)Can describe abusive reconfiguring of somebody's Facebook profile without their knowledge.
1) "I'm so hungry; that filthy rat Clive raped my fridge"
2) "Clive raped my Facebook and made me look quite the fool!"
by Mattress February 08, 2007
the result of being totaly dominated.

(applies to sports, video games, fights, stuff like that)
he beat you 50 to 10, you got raped.
by oba August 09, 2005

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