To be completely destroyed or beaten in a video game. Usually occurs to people with inferior skills. Or when a norml person plays someone of God-like abilities in a game.
AN7IHERO- But How did I die?
RENEGADEJESUS3- I Made You Stick Yourself.
An7iHero- aww, i wish i could be as 1337 as you.
by RENEGADEJESUS3 April 12, 2005
What took place in Foxboro in the 2010 playoffs.
The Ravens raped the Patriots
by sha_tha_fack_ap January 12, 2010
a Calc 1 gateway exam, a Calc 2 exam, a Bio exam, a Discrete Math exam, and a group presentation all done between Wednesday and Friday.
Mike Lowrie can haz raped this week.
by Man Manateer March 17, 2009
when a pack of rizla has had the green card removed from the back of the packet it has been 'raped'.
yo you got any green card in these skins?
nah sorry man that pack was raped a long time ago.
by iammucho March 15, 2008
To be taken advantage of, other than sex.
I went to the car lot solo and got raped! if i woulda went wit my dad like dey told me i prolly wud have paid way less!
by KOOLVSRAW November 19, 2008
a term used when something bad happens to you
Dang nigga u gettin raped,they said u go wit jontavia
by sososo sexi June 10, 2008
Do badly on something, when something defeats you.
"I got raped by that math test."
"That game raped me up the ass."
by commonwealth1325 October 19, 2003

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