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The 1337est character to ever grace the eyes of film viwers. He is a ship repair droid and AI enabled robot. He has the ability to serve drinks, fly, destroy battle driods, and hack into anything with a port. Without the pimp skillz of R2D2 the Jedi and their powers would vanish at the hands of the Trade Federation, The Empire, the Separatists, and the Sith.
Yo! R2D2 JuSt PwNed Those Two Battle Droids!

R2D2 just stole your girlfriend.
by RENEGADEJESUS3 May 24, 2005
To be completely destroyed or beaten in a video game. Usually occurs to people with inferior skills. Or when a norml person plays someone of God-like abilities in a game.
AN7IHERO- But How did I die?
RENEGADEJESUS3- I Made You Stick Yourself.
An7iHero- aww, i wish i could be as 1337 as you.
by RENEGADEJESUS3 April 12, 2005

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