In order for you to be raped, first you must be put against someone insanely God-like at the game. He will annihilate you in such an unbelieveable fashion you have never seen before and you will beg for mercy as his balls are lowered into your throat and you suck. Such as RENEGADEJESUS3's situation against me, An7i HeRo.
An7i HeRo: Easy. First u shot 3 clips at me. I dodged every single shot, and came behind u and snapped your neck(with my eyes closed of course). Then as you lay there dying, I unzipped my fly, pulled down my trousers and performed what is known as a tea bag. Im sure u know about it.
RENEGADEJESUS3: wow. Im must say i got uber raped. how are u so 1337?
An7i HeRo: well when i practice fucking owning noobs like you, i get better. Now im God-like
RENEGADEJESUS3: wow, nice playin with u man. i sure suck fucking cock at halo 2.
An7i HeRo: yea, ya do. later cumguzzler!NOOB
by An7i HeRo-Dave pwns u April 14, 2005
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having been completely and utterly decimated
team A: 112
team B: 3

team B got raped
by height May 05, 2003
1. To be completely destroyed in a game, never having a chance or an attempt at beating the opponent(s).
RENEGADEJESUS3: awww man, that sucked. ur such a haxzor anti. i got raped up the ass...
by dave April 12, 2005
(1) forced into the act of sexual intercourse unwillingly; (2) (slang) conquered in a game or contest by a large margin. see also: macked, beaten, whipped, shamed.
(1) I raped a really hot chick the other day. (2) Man, I played Ocelot in DooM the other night, and he totally raped me.
by SpinSpyder February 12, 2003
1-(v.)A crime where the victim is forced into sexual activity against his or her will.

2-(adj)A word used to describe how badly one was beaten in a playing event such as video games or any physical sport. A word mostly used by teenagers that enjoy video games.This word is a harsher then "owned" or "pwned."

see. obiterated
1-The kidnapper raped a girl so that why he is being sent to prison.

2-Jeff: How did the Halo 2 match up go?
Chris: Not good I lost.
Jeff: By how much?
chris: 32 to 1
jeff: DUDE! You got raped!
by Corzocl February 20, 2006
Achieved greatness on a test or other goal. :]]
Person 1: Wow I totally raped that test..

Person 2: ehhh..I think I just molested it
by melli belli February 29, 2008
Pretty much the most legit rappers ever. They are Jim and Jeff from the radio/podcast show Jim and Them on Real Kid Radio. They steal the beats from popular songs and add their own lyrics. R.A.P.E.D. stands for Real ass people every day.
Damn, R.A.P.E.D. 's new baby parody is pretty damn awesome.
by Gray. June 30, 2010
to describe different situations at a casino
friend1: lets go to the casino tonight!

friend2: i done want to be raped.

friend1: come on, it will be fun.

girl1: i got raped last tonight!

girl2: did you lose money again at the casino

girl1: yep

guy1: i raped the casino today

guy2: how much did you win

guy1: 75 bucks

guy2: dont go back, they will rape you
by thor4u August 10, 2012

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