-Is the action of surprise sex.
"Bitch im going to rape you."
by Synester April 09, 2009
to force someone to have (sex) with you when they clearly aren't interested because you look like a whales vagina.
Remember it isn't rape if you shout boo!!!
by River_Pheonix August 28, 2008
when some fat azz dick face cock serpant comes and take your food
person 1:eee gatzz, where did all my chicken go

person 2:i dont know

person 3:oh dat waz yours

person 2: hahahah dat fat fuck raped yo chinken.....rape.... rape..... rape
by Tikipiki August 22, 2009
adj: Cool, kick ass, awesome,
Person 1: The movie we saw yesterday was cool.
Person 2: Yeah it was pretty rape

Person 1: Wow! I can't believe i got an A on that test!
Person 2: Rape!
by Jimmy Ajlouney January 03, 2008
One of 2 actions:

An action taht occurs when someone is drugged or forced into sexual activity

An action taht occurs when woman tell someone they want to have sex but change their mind half way while the guy is already inside.
The following is a typical example of a woman's courageous "almost raped" story:

I was almost raped in a bar last year. I had a couple drinks, then a guy came up to me and we started talking. Later, he asked "Do you want to have sex?" and I said "yes". We went back to his place, got naked, I sucked him off, and just as he was about to place his penis in my vagina, I screamed "OMIGOD YOU SICK FUCK!" and called the cops. He's currently serving a 10 year prison sentence.
by BubblesTheDynasty June 01, 2007
Verb. A surpise unwilling sperm recipient.
Jessica was virgin on her wedding day, but she became a raped surprise unwilling sperm recipient when the photographer decided she should give him a tip for all his hard work.
by Tiffany Sweetnam September 18, 2006
when you jump out in front of some one, totally surpriseing them and forceing them to have sex with you.
Remember kids, its not rape, its surprise sex!
by pimp daddy dollars February 10, 2005

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