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You stupid FUCKERS on this site need to get a damn life!
It's not "surprise sex" or "something only whiny bitches don't like." Rape is one of the most harrowing, terrifying, and even deadly (when violent, which it often is) experiences a woman - or a man - could experience. All at the hands of an evil person obsessed with power and cruel intentions.
Which fucking sadistic, evil, sonofabitch retard AGREES with rape? Why is it that pratically every time someone here says that rape is a horrible, terrifying, and heartrending crime - which it absolutely is - you stupid assholes give it a thumbs down?
well, you're all retarded, sick, and disgusting fuckers, because HALF OF YOU ARE 13 YEARS OLD!!! GET A FUCKING LIFE!!! You have no idea WHAT THE HELL YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT!!! So shut up, because most of you have never raped a girl in your life, are too scared to do so, will never do so, and just want to pretend on an interent that no one knows or cares who the fucking hell you are, that you're macho, cool, strong, and greater than women. Well, I have news for you. Your penis is FOUR INCHES LONG!!! SO SHUT THE HELL UP!
And for all you sadistic, evil, cruel, lewd, despicable, repulsive, mentally unbalanced DICKHEADS, who actually DO rape people and ENJOY it, then I wish you the worst possible death there is, and that it will occur in the next 2 hours. Because the sooner you fry and writhe in the utter wrath of hell, the better.
and for all you men and women out there against rape, then good for you. women, be strong, careful, (kick him in the balls) and alert (but not paranoid). If it's ever happened to you, REPORT IT, no matter what they say, and SEEK THERAPY. men, apparently, you're confident enough in your own masculinity to not have to prove it to a helpless woman. good for you.
and for all you guys/girls who refer to it as being badly beaten (e.g: "Dang, that test was HARD! Man, I got RAPED!"), then you're fuckers for making light of such a horrible thing, but I'm not mad at you. most all of us are fuckers, anyway.
Fucker: Yo, dude, it was so awesome. There was this really hot chick at the club last night and I took her into my car and I'm like "Let's do it." But she's all like "No." So I'm all like "Oh well," and I RAPED her.
Sensible male: Wow. You're a dick. (Walks away.)

(3 months later)

Sensible male: Hehe. You're such a dick.
Fucker: Well, what kind of fruity stands up for women? YOU'RE the dick.
Sensible male: Well, see, I'm going out with a really hot chick who actually WANTS to have sex with me, while you're locked up in a jail cell getting your ass whooped and your throat slit for the next ten years. So WHO'S THE DICK NOW??? (Hot girl walks up to him, smiling sweetly, and they walk off happily)
(Big burly guy with a tongue ring walks up and beats the shit out of Fucker.)
Fucker: (bruised and beaten) Damn.
by una chica fantastica January 01, 2006
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