To pull information from a computer at a very high rate, causing the remote partys computer to slow down, and be unusabel, and pissing its owner off.
"Hang on a second ash, im just going to rape your machine for a few gig of mp3s."

"You fucking bastard, its gone all slow!"
by DarkHalf September 05, 2003
To push something (usually technical) to the complete and utter limit that it can go. Using every resource
"Man, Soldier of Fortune is completely raping my system!"
by -=Kriz=- June 07, 2003
to defeat soundly, destroy
Kid i just got fuckin RAPED by that math test.
by alex gaynor May 10, 2003
1. (n.) a way to desribe that something completely awesome.

2. (v.) to completely own or, pwn if you will.
1. We're all going to whitecastle! It's gonna be RAPE!

2. I do not play video games myself, but some of my friends RAPE at Halo.
by ivelostyourhope January 25, 2008
What millions of people want to do to the idiot on a routinely basis.
"There he is! Quick, pin him down! NOW!"

"He's going to get raped."
by I Dont Exist November 01, 2007
verb-the catastrophic destruction of a good time usually affecting a group (i.e. when humor goes very wrong)
billy: "she was the best, i could do anything to her and she'd always beg for more! ha-ha"

jimmy(rapist): "i fucked this crazy whore who only got off if i came on the pickled fetus of her aborted daughter, or pictures of her dead mother!"

billy: "------!!!"

jimmy: "------???"

billy: "---did you really need to rape the situation?"
by Renny the n3rd April 17, 2007
To be humiliated in defeat to the point at which you lose your manhood.
"Dude, I still can't walk that test ass raped me so hard"
by Ray October 22, 2003

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