2. unwanted forceful sexual intercourse
3. STOP! Don't touch me there! This is my no no square. R-A-P-E get your hands up off of me.
In prison, Tom Cruise shouted SURPRISE! BUTTSECKS! and proceeded to rape George Bush and became a fudge-packing rapist.
by supergayemokid March 15, 2008
1. (n.) a way to desribe that something completely awesome.

2. (v.) to completely own or, pwn if you will.
1. We're all going to whitecastle! It's gonna be RAPE!

2. I do not play video games myself, but some of my friends RAPE at Halo.
by ivelostyourhope January 25, 2008
Disambiguation: NOT only the horrific and subhuman act of forced sexual intercourse, but in Essex, the turning over, rolling over, slaughtering, or absolute beating of an opponent in a sporting game.
We got raped (sideways) by Southend.
by J Dane May 15, 2006
To pillage of plunder
"That Pirate just raped that town!!"

The scene in Pirates of the Caribbean where Jack Sparrow steals the ship it could be said that "Jack raped that ship"
by chia pet March 30, 2004
To pull information from a computer at a very high rate, causing the remote partys computer to slow down, and be unusabel, and pissing its owner off.
"Hang on a second ash, im just going to rape your machine for a few gig of mp3s."

"You fucking bastard, its gone all slow!"
by DarkHalf September 05, 2003
To push something (usually technical) to the complete and utter limit that it can go. Using every resource
"Man, Soldier of Fortune is completely raping my system!"
by -=Kriz=- June 07, 2003
Something Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2 does to everything that moves.
Cling clack bang scraape
The Pyramid Head has come to rape
by Moe Ho April 04, 2009

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