Originally, the word rape was akin to rapine, rapture, raptor, and rapacious, and referred to the more general violations, such as looting, destruction, and capture of citizens that are inflicted upon a town or country during war, eg. the Rape of Nanking. Today, some dictionaries still define rape to include any serious and destructive assault against a person or community.

English rape was in use since the 14th century in the general sense of "seize prey, take by force," from raper, an Old French legal term for "to seize", in turn from Latin rapere "seize, carry off by force, abduct". The Latin term was also used for sexual violation, but only very rarely. The legendary event known as the "Rape of the Sabine Women", while ultimately motivated sexually, did not entail sexual violation of the Sabine women on the spot, who were rather abducted, and then implored by the Romans to marry them (as opposed to striking a deal with their fathers or brothers first, as would have been required by law).

Though the sexual connotation is today dominant, the word "rape" can be used in non-sexual context in literary English. In "the rape of the Silmarils" in J. R. R. Tolkien's "The Silmarillion", the word "rape" is used with its old meaning of "seizing and taking away". In Alexander Pope's The Rape of the Lock, the word "rape" is used hyperbolically, exaggerating a trivial violation against a person. Compare also the adjective rapacious which retains the generic meaning.

Sometimes, the word rape is used colloquially to dysphemistically describe forms of non-sexual unwelcome conduct, or metaphorically referring to environmental destruction, possibly implying a female gender of the Earth (Gaia). Other than in literary usage discussed above, this use of the term is unrelated to the original sense of "abduction" or "carrying off" and implies a comparison with sexual violation. In "The Rape of Nanking" actual mass rape and mass murder is summarized by naming the city as the object of the rape.
1. "Brandon raped me!"

2. "My team got raped on the field yesterday"

3. "The rape of the Earth"
by Ze Muffinman July 01, 2006
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A crime. Quite terrible in nature. Often causes sever phycological damage to victim. Forced sexual intercourse. Often very violent in more then just a sexual way. No I am not some feminazi either! I am a male solider in the airbourne. So dont be saying its only somthing whiny girls dont like.

"That MOFO raped my good friend. So I took my boys out and we beat him into the hospital."
"That MOFO raped my good friend. So I took my boys out and we beat him into the hospital."
by He who arises in might January 03, 2004
To utterly defeat another person in any form of competitive activies.
Dude, I totally raped your ass during that last game of Age of Empires.
by MorfinX November 17, 2002
To utterly defile a victimized person of either sex. Can occur at any age, by anyone to anyone. It is not a joke. It is the subject of many UD submissions, but should not constitute as a form of entertainment, nor amusement. This terrible act ruins a person on many levels for the rest of their life. It is considered a greaat subject of high school and peri-adolescent males and females alike. However, should they grow up and consider the feelings of those survivors of said act they would come to realize how heedy this particular subject truly is.
Tulsa, Oklahoma recently caught a suspect accused of serial rape. The sick son of a bitch raped at least eleven victims ranging in age from TWO YEARS OLD to twenty. I hope they fry the shithole for his calculated serial rape crimes.
by THE REAL JULIA February 24, 2006
1. To force someone to ingage in unwanted sexual activities.
2. To total annihilate in an activity. see own, ownage, and pwn
3. To bother one
1. Kobie raped her!
Men can rape men and women. Same goes with women, ever heard of dildos?

2. I'm going to rape you on SOCOM Seals II tonight.

3. My punk music shall always rape my parents ears.
by Beedub December 27, 2003
A viscious crime in which somebody forces somebody else into having sex, entirely without the other person's consent.

Rape is not erotic at all and it is not about sexual pleasure; rape is about power and control over another.

Usually, rape is reported as a man raping a woman; men who rape often have sex quite often and/or have a sexual dysfunction. In the case of the dysfunction, he could be taking out his frustration by rape.

Other times, men feel threatened by women and their rising status and want women back where they were, so they attack women, wanting to hurt them, embarrass them, and frighten them. This case is especially true in places where traditional gender roles are rigid and where the "ideal" male is aggressive, unfeeling, and strong.

Women, on the other hand, are totally capable of raping men. A common way that they do so is to blackmail men into sex with them.

And men can rape other men and women can rape other women just as easily as heterosexuals can rape the opposite gender.

Rapists often threaten their victims too if they try to report the rape, so many rapes are not not mentioned until much later. And who knows where the rapist has been? The victim could become infected with an STI or become pregnant because of the attack.
Rape is not all right. Rape is not erotic; it's terrifying! Sexual assault takes a lifetime to cope with; such severe things are not anything that one can just "get over". And the sentence for rapists is too short! Two years in the slammer and then they're free (to rape) again?!

Oh, and when a lady says "No!", she means "No!"

Do your best to escape rape if you can: scream for help, bite them, scratch them, punch them, hit her in the breasts, kick him in the crotch, stomp on their feet, punch them in the gut, kick them in the shins, do whatever you can to get away from them. Take a self-defense class if you don't feel that you can fight.

Remember: rape is not the victim's fault; it's the rapist's fault and the rapist's problem. They're the ones who need punishment. The victim did not "ask for it".
by Lorelili March 19, 2005
A European plant (Brassica napus) of the mustard family, cultivated as fodder and for its seed that yields a valuable oil. Also called colza, oil-seed rape.
The beautiful fields of glowing yellow rapeseed plants.
by Hubert Von Clapp July 14, 2005
What most lifetime movies are about.
lifetime movies are gay enough, making 4648393 movies about rape is just gayxcore.
by bangxbangxgunsxgoxbang September 17, 2005
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