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sound used in response to a horny/ sexual comment amongst girls (pronounced like miieeeeeow)

extra vowels can be added for emphasis eg. reeeeeeeaaaoooowwwww!!
'we ended up upstairs...'

by sexy mofos June 03, 2005
adjective; the ultimatum of 'raw' (a.k.a. extremely cool, hip, tight, fly, fresh, Redickulous, wavy).

Pronounced syllable...Note: females tend to have difficulty with anunciation

Origin: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Derived from the word 'reaux', which were to the Greeks "thoust who ball out of control."
Ex. 1---
Dude1: "Dayum, that girl is hella sexy!"
Dude2: "She got a raow booty fa sho."

Ex. 2---
Dude1: "Kyle Singler dropped 11 threes!!"
Dude2: "The man is raowwwww!"

You are anti-raow if you apply to any of the following--
*a hater criticizing the term
*a chick who thinks she "gets it" but continues to pronounce it like it is a 2 syllable word
*prideful of LeKrallness
*a Wisconsin-born minnesota gopher fan
*lastly, and by far the most shameful act of anti-raowness--a north carolina tar heel fan
by Boosie Boo November 21, 2009
Is the act of balling outrageous, also known as LeKrall.
"Dang, Greg is RAOW because he is the coolest."
by DaRaowest March 08, 2009
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