adj.1) something that smells bad
adj.2) something that is really awful
Correct: Dude, that was rank.
Incorrect: Something is really rank in here.
by Anonymous May 14, 2003
Nasty, ewww,Less, Just not fucking good!
I feel rank, that food was horrid.
You smell so rank when you dont wash!
Your hair looks rank.
by Ethan West January 01, 2006
to harass or annoy someone
Alvin needs to stop ranking me. It's getting on my nerves.
by Light Joker March 04, 2005
when you're supposed to hang out with someone and then don't
Remember we're going to the movies tomorrow and don't rank at the last minute like you did last time!
by APants October 08, 2007
somthing groos that someone does
dude , that was sooo rank!
by anarchyincanada June 18, 2003
An interjection one says after teasing someone. Equivalent to "Kidding!"

To kidd or tease someone.
"Aww, I didn't think of that."
"You don't think at all... rank!"

"Calm down, I'm just ranking you."
by Emuerz October 12, 2007
to make fun of anyones hair, teeth, shirt, tapeline, haircut, shoes, pants ETC...

at the lunchtables, they began to rank on me
by tha truth teller May 30, 2006
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