A complimentary opinion, as in, "it ranks highly", though the adverb (such as "highly") is deliberately left out. Used mostly when lauding a visual or musical work of art.
"The Beatles' 'Rubber Soul' ranks."

"'Star Wars' ranks."

"His guitar-playing ranks."

by Henry Blankett August 12, 2008
a terrible stink or smell
walking in to a toilet after someone has done a very smelly shit you would comment(fucking hell thats fucking rank you smelly twat)
by mick nicholson August 06, 2007
another word for disgusting
ewww thats rank
by autumn November 12, 2003
Thank you, using a scooby-doo pronunciation.
Ranks! I've been needing a new sweater
by Wane January 15, 2008
Something that is disgusting or repulsive, usually a smell or a taste.

Devised from a combination of "Rancid" & "Mank"
Guy 1: "Have you seen the cheese under my toes?"

Guy 2: "Ahhhh man! That's Rank!"
by JonnyBGoodwin September 29, 2010
1. Something that has unpleasant smell.
2. Something that looks nasty/raunchy.
3. Something that you don't want to do, that is lame/time wasteful.
Definition 1. "Ew maine! Yo armpits are RANNK!"
Definition 2. "Dude, yo bathtub needs some scrubbin'! Talk about rank!"
Definition 3. "Damn dawwwg, this homework is rank!"
by Mario! April 05, 2009
of bad smelling tasting feeling ect..
whoa that smells rank
by Shawn Ziff November 28, 2005
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