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Some One With Red Or Orange Hair . The Female Ranga Is Known For Being Excellent In Bed . Firery Attitude . Realy good looks .Caring And Kind . Loves being With Friends. Gets Sunburnt Easily .
"Check Out That Ranga Isnt She Gorguz " " Yeah Id Deffinantly Tap That
by Jessica XoX September 13, 2008
pretty much the n-word for gingers
Who is that ranga?
by Stawberry Hater May 14, 2011
A stupid feeble insult that is said to a person with red hair, it is hair to believe we insult people over the colour of their hair. I for one am not a "ginga" or "ranga" but I do feel that it is extremely stupid as they receive much bullying by others over this... please leave people with red-hair alone :(

Also having red hair does not mean you have red pubic hair
Hey look at that ranga...?
Yeah he looks pissed off!
by Matthew Skank January 05, 2010
the name given to people who have beautiful red or orange hair. deprived from the word -orangutan. like orangutans rangas are more than often incredibly intelligent and caring people
i wish i had ranga hair!
by inawe222 March 18, 2011
caitlin waters
Me: hey ranga!
caitlin waters: stop fucking calling me that!
by yukno3wh0 July 17, 2009
A descriptive term for a person with:
- orange hair (ranging from deep sandy coluour to burnt orange, (often described as "red" hair); and
- light complexion usually with dominant freckles, especially visible on the face.

Historic usage not intended to be derogatory - a term of endeerment. Similar example - "blonde" or "blondie".

Derived from the word orange or "oranger" - drawing from the typically orange hair and look.

Despite popular belief, the word ranga is not derived from "orangutan". These animals have a range of colours including browns, greys and reds, depending on gender, age, species, locale.
Mummy why are do they call that boy with the orange hair and freckles a "ranga"?
by Ridgemac July 17, 2010
People born with rad red hair but some how people under appreciate them as they can come off as vain and agro.

Rangas are highly verbally abused by silly chav boys (espec boys in cars) and other non-ranga people who wish that they had ranga hair. The verbal abuse can either be shouted at the ranga or spoken as they walk past you.

Some boys also think of rangas as 'dirty'
"eww look at that ranga!"
by Pip12321 November 19, 2009