A very fuzzy puddy cat
that cat is so ranga
by Johnnie the puddy cat May 31, 2015
ginger cunts
Orange Gorringe fuck off you Ranga, with your fanta pants
by fuckknows November 19, 2014
A descriptive term for a person with:
- orange hair (ranging from deep sandy coluour to burnt orange, (often described as "red" hair); and
- light complexion usually with dominant freckles, especially visible on the face.

Historic usage not intended to be derogatory - a term of endeerment. Similar example - "blonde" or "blondie".

Derived from the word orange or "oranger" - drawing from the typically orange hair and look.

Despite popular belief, the word ranga is not derived from "orangutan". These animals have a range of colours including browns, greys and reds, depending on gender, age, species, locale.
Mummy why are do they call that boy with the orange hair and freckles a "ranga"?
by Ridgemac July 17, 2010
someone who burns easily in the sun
your sucha a ranga richard
by resisted August 30, 2014
Derived from the animal Orangutang, a Ranga is a person with red hair, not brown hair.
Oh look at that Ranga!
by salalsaaaaa October 30, 2010
A person who has had, or has red hair. Also could be called a carrot top or any other name you timk up. Most annoy people who get called it.
Person one: RANGA!
Person two(the ranga): ARGH!!
by justabitofanger May 02, 2011
Someone with red, orange or ginger hair, often in denial, loves to drink fanta and eat carrots.
Normal person: FUCK AHH ITS A RANGA
Ranga: I'm not ranga, I'm strawberry blonde!!
by tillajims October 23, 2009

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