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A term used by retards, to racially generalise a group of people based on the colour of their hair, in this instance: Red / Ginger. Used in the same way as ' Nigger ', ' Kike ' or ' Yank '.

Look at that Ranga , he's worse than a Nigger or a Kike.
by 2Scoops August 30, 2008
6 8
Derived from the animal Orangutang, a Ranga is a person with red hair, not brown hair.
Oh look at that Ranga!
by salalsaaaaa October 30, 2010
6 10
A person who has had, or has red hair. Also could be called a carrot top or any other name you timk up. Most annoy people who get called it.
Person one: RANGA!
Person two(the ranga): ARGH!!
by justabitofanger May 02, 2011
2 9
Someone with red, orange or ginger hair, often in denial, loves to drink fanta and eat carrots.
Normal person: FUCK AHH ITS A RANGA
Ranga: I'm not ranga, I'm strawberry blonde!!
by tillajims October 23, 2009
34 42
A person with with orange hair as opposed to someone with regular genes, a ranga usually has fair skin, freckles and blue eyes, however ranga is usually used in reference to someone with orange hair.

Derived from Orang-utan, it is a derogatory name for the subject.
Johnson: Oi see Gary over there...

Smithee: The ranga?
by Josh2nv August 11, 2008
34 44
a person with red hair and pale skin. other terms for the word ranga:ryan, ginga,gingy,gingaitis,is a race and a fuckin dease,master ginger, ronald mcdonald, orangatang,red head, fire engine, human bonfire, agent orange,Burning Bush,Carrot Top, ginger bread man, lava head
person 1: hi
person 2; shut up ranga
by noname5000 July 19, 2010
6 20
When a person has very pale skin, Red hair, and freckles. made famous by the use of it on Australia's comedy "Summer Heights High"
Person 1: Hey look, a Ranga
Person 2: I hate them lets kill it.
by Bwenen November 13, 2007
64 89