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hollie gillespie
that hollie is such a ranga
by veron del bor August 29, 2008
A game created by some hip sydney chicks (Megan and Hobo) in which you punch the closest person when you see a ranga. Much like punch buggy but with rangas.
Megan: "Haha look at that ranga Bonnie" *punches*
by Megan and Hobo March 29, 2008
Me and my friend Izzy. We are the coolest people ever. Us rangas have many ranga powahhz which include burning fire, straightening/ironing/crimping/curling powahhz, and also giant scissor powahhz. i have eyeliner powahz also. Izzy doesn't though.
If you get too close to us, we'll either freak you out by yelling RANGAAAAAAA or burn you with our ranga powahhz. water makes our fire powahh stronger. blue fire is hotter than red fire.
We have a ranga symbol that all rangas should proudly wear. it is a small black heart about 1cm long with a red pen outline, worn on the index finger knuckle of the left hand.
wannabe rangas are "wrangas"
rangas that are failures (eg. fat, not proud of their ranganess, normal) are called retard failures. Yes, its very original.
Rangas should stay with their own kind and then mate so we can make ranga a true race.
*random multiple choice question on board*
one choice is "fire"
Izzy: FIREE!!!!
Teacher:the answer is fire
Marli: yeaaaaaaah! RANGAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Everyone else: WTF? ROFLCOPTER!
*Marli and Izzy are now rolling on the floor laughing at their ranga powahhz and everyone else is laughing at them*
Marli: heh heh we'll burn everyone with our fire powahh!
by marlixx January 04, 2008
An extremely useless person, with bright red/orange hair, usually albino looking. Carries a bottle of sun screen lotion around with them everywhere. Should be publically humiliated whenever witnessed, by yelling out what they truely are: RANGA!!!!
unenlightened guy: ewww, what is that crispy looking orange thing laying in the sun over there?

enlightened guy: oh that thing, just another damn ranga that doesnt know his limitations
by volg September 13, 2005
An ugly redhead who shares characteristics similar to that of a vampire.

How to spot a Ranga:
1. Allergic to the sun and/or anything UV related.
2. Skin is extremely pale and freckled.
3. Hair is a bright red/orange.
4. Young ones are extremely overactive and cannot behave.

Rangas have been confirmed as Gods forsaken children and has marked them with such hideous characteristics so everybody knows he does NOT love them.
Vampire hunter one: Look! There's a Vampire! (fires gun)
Vampire hunter two: You idiot, it was just a Ranga.
Vampire hunter one: Same thing, not like anyone will miss it.
by The voice of the Truth November 17, 2007
Some fag from Sydney uni with a big red head, fanta coloured pubes and a fiesty temper. Avoid this creature but standing in a sunny postion (he can't go under the sun). But don't laugh- he suffers from gingervitis.
I was gonna be this ranga's dad but the orangutan beat me up the stairs!
by FROMMANLY September 17, 2008
Quite possibly the most hideous and disfigured human being to ever set foot on this planet. A deformed face and a discraceful body, with tits featuring those of an Orangutan (Rangas), are what make up this disgusting piece of fecal matter.
To many mean things to say about Rangas.
by Bruce September 17, 2003