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A very nice person lots of friends, olive skin and blue eyes with blondish hair,
Guy 1:hey have you seen raney?!?
Guy 2:oh ya see is with her friends
Guy1:oh man
Everyone always likes raney see is a roll model, smart in school,unique,petit and pretty!!! Smart but acts and answers your questions in the lite silly way!!
by Vanessa smith November 17, 2013
5 0
Used to label someone who is so fucking retarded he called 911 on his on underage drinking party
You Asshat you really did pull a raney...

Haha Palmer look at these shits they pulled a raney....
by Mrs. Shuss April 27, 2004
6 31
a course of action either a fucktard or a moron would take. i.e. calling 911 on your own party.
Jon pulled a Raney on Monday during school.
by Werner "Hot" Karl Heisenburg April 26, 2004
9 37