the original and best punk rock band. Formed in New York City in 1974, when rock'n'roll and pop was full of depressing shit (this was after the Beatles broke up), the Ramones wanted to bring the excitement back to rock'n'roll music. And they did! Oh yeah! Rock'n'roll was revitalized and fun again and would be until the mid 90s. I saw this band 4 times before they broke up in 1996. They ALWAYS played different setlists and they always delivered first-rate rock'n'roll. Today's poser punk bands do not measure up to these guys. LONG LIVE THE RAMONES!
Check out their anthology "Hey! Ho! Let's Go!" and their live album "Loco Live". This is the first band to be officially labeled as "punk", and they're still better than the rest (although there have been many other great punk bands since the Ramones, too!). .
by Starpunk November 07, 2006
Possibly the greatest band ever, because of their awesome punk rock beats. Anybody who does not agree is into shit bands like simple plan.
by Stcb April 09, 2005
The original, authentic, and best punk band ever! They're what all these losers today aren't. Good! Smash your Good Charlotte CD's and listen to real punk! Do you remember rock n' roll radio?
I don't wanna be a pinhead no more!
by wannabeflea February 01, 2005
The Ramones are the reason my ears are so big,and the reason they dont work no more!
I'm gonna go up to my room and dance my face off to the ranones
by Ive August 09, 2003
the kings of punk rock
(and originators)
first rule is be nice to mommy,second rule is the laws of germany,third rule
is don't talk to commies,fourth rule is
eat kosher sallamies. PURE GENIUS
by yeah July 21, 2004
even tho theyre not all still with us, The RAmainz kick ASs
by GIZ August 17, 2003
The most manliest man ever to exist came before adam and eve. He was the first to have godly sex. He is much better than Evan. When the gods chose to bestow ramone onto the earth, the romans trembled and ramone lived on and passed his name on to others. Ramone can also be called dark chocolate or blackness. When a ramone is spotted much like in the wild ramones should be taken pictures. Ramones are talented in the field of music and literature. Ramones are best as pisces and are invincible cause they are black. Like blackness . You can refer to the word EVAN and mulitiply it by x10 to get a ramone
"I wish I was as awsome as ramone"
"Dam bitch. Respect the ramone"
"You have been ramoned Bitch"

by Ramone franklin January 30, 2009
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