The foundation of punk music. When the Ramones first came to Britain, they inspired the Sex Pistols and therefore created a base for punk music to develop. The Ramones are the best punk band that ever lived and always will be, regardless of all these shitty bands that come onto the scene and claim to be punk, like Simple Plan and Good Charlotte, both of which are nowhere near as talented songwriters/musicians as the Ramones. the Ramones released many rock classics including Blitzkreig Bop, I Wanna Be Sedated, Judy Is A Punk, Beat On The Brat and many more.
All in all, the Ramones are one of the best rock bands that ever made their name on the scene. Even though they are not all still alive, they are proper legends! <3 The Ramones!
The Ramones are the legendary founding punk rock band.
by Sophiie August 23, 2006
to Ramone = to have Sex with
comes from a french verb meaning to scrub out a chimney
King Dork: I would really like to ramone Deanna
by Quentin or is it Imy November 09, 2007
only the best band ever! had a great movie in '79 called Rock N' Roll High Skool! best movie ever!! Lead singer joey....really really ugly but the hottest guy ever!! he made ugly hott!!! woot!!!
i would be in bliss if joey were still alive!
by HELL YA!! April 19, 2005
The Ramones is a band that made punk.Pure and simple.In it, therre war Johny,Joey,Marky,Tommy and Dee Dee Ramone.Sum of their songs r: Blitzkrieg bop, Sheena was a punk rocker, Rock n roll highschool
HEY HO, LETS GO !!!!!!
by PaNx July 20, 2005
100000000 times better than "rad"
The concert was so ramones!
by arggg October 10, 2006
R. A. M. O. N. E. S. RAMONES!!!!!!!! in other words...the best punk band that ever scuffed their sneakers along the sidewalks of this earth!!!
I am cool. I love the Ramones.
by mary May 09, 2003
As in to ramone. Comes from the french meaning to clean or scrub but in english is slang for sex.
1:Dude! I totally ramoned Carrie last night!
2:Are you gunna ramone me or what?
by queen_mork December 31, 2006

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