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the past tense of ralph, meaning to throw up or to puke.
"i just ralphed in your bathroom"
by lanelane February 10, 2007
to mow a lawn, landscaping
Dude i just ralphed that lawn right there for some cash
by Jimbul July 06, 2006
1) First you have to not get your rocks off for 2 months. (when you finally find a girl) Then when you are first starting to blow your load from a girl giving you head, and she attempts to pull away after taking a substantial amount of your baby batter, you proceed to reach out and "gently persuade" her mouth to continue being filled by your man protein until you are damn good and ready to release her.
Dude, I FINALLY got this girl to give me head...she didn't really want to take it, but I ralphed her good.
by Ludacross7 April 02, 2006
to be ripped off by a family member
i think my bro just ralphed me
by pitz rock October 13, 2005
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