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the bracelet-like thing that is tied around brothers or "bhaiyas" during the Hindu festival of Raksha bandhan. It symbolizes the brother's vow to look after his sister/friend/person he likes to make fun of. In return, the bhaiya either gives his sisters money or presents.
Nishma & Supriya will tie a rakhi on Suvo's arm & he will give them lots of money =]
by Miss Benz August 07, 2006
A beautiful lady inside and out. She is intelligent, witty, and lovable in more than one way. Very trustworthy and loyal. Has an amazing sense of humour. This is the girl you want to meet. Shes beautiful, elegant yet weird in her own way and you may even get freaked out sometimes but shes so cute you just keep coming back for more. When she walks into the room you immediately have a smile on your face and brighten up because that one moment when you see her just makes your day. Shes nice, compassionate, warm, kind, PERFECT in every single way. Her personality is the type that you dont see every day, it is unique and distinguishes from the crowd. She makes everyone envy you when you're with her, but you dont need to pay attention to that because she deserves every bit of attention from you and you should give it to her.
"Oh there's rakhi" "Rakhi is so fun to be around" "WOAH rakhiiiii" "Rakhi has made my day"
by Sharly Sharls September 22, 2013
to have bad internet, constantly dropping in and out. Cursed internet.
A certainly put the Rakhi on that guys net.
by Buzzee February 04, 2010
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