the human hairball that hates mustard. alot.
rake yohn says woo woo woo.
by hailey January 28, 2004
His fuckin soldiers are being raped now, we'll do the same to him when we catch him.
get ready, Yohn. We're gonna fuck you up.
by kinki May 23, 2004
Left his soldiers to fight the war that he started, while fleeing the country with millions of dollars.
Lieutenant Dicamillo was captured last night.
by ABC March 21, 2004
a man who hates mustard and period blood.
Rak yohn hates mustard and period blood
by Jessica December 20, 2003
Rake Yohn is the guy with crazy hair who gets his Salad tossed.
Beginning of CKY4 when he gets his butt licked.
by Icemt9 February 28, 2005
One of my idols...Really hates mustard.
"My favorite fuckin' shirt that some cocksucker from New Jersey fucked up"...-Rake Yohn- He said this in the Chopped&Sliced DVD after someone squirted mustard on him at a CKY concert.
by Lindsey February 01, 2004
The large, hairy guy with bad teeth that sat on a candy bar and it looked like he shit his pants on Viva la bam.
Rake Yohn: "Dude, what's everyone laughing at?"
Rake: "Oh shit, seriously?"
by Brinkybaby February 22, 2006
A faggot fucking douchebag that only knows how to give head, according to beast-man.
In Iceland Rake Yohn thought it would be funny to set the AM/FM radio on fire.
by Gabriel D March 18, 2005

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