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noun: Woman with nipples erect, and showing through clothing.
It was cold this morning, raisin smugglers everywhere.
by driftwoody March 09, 2006
A guy/girl having hard nipples showing through their shirt.

Nipples have a wrinkly texture like raisins when they totally hard.
Hey, did you see Stacey's nipples?

Yeah, she's a raisin smuggler.
by Tank ass February 14, 2009
some one with really tiny balls so as if to look like he was smuggling rasins
omg look at that guys sack it looks like he is smuggling a couple of rasins, what raisin smuggler
by tug boat January 05, 2009
a person who smuggles raisins.
"dude, i was at this raisin farm, and i did some mad raisin smuggling,....because you know, a raisin smuggler."
by grand master raisin August 27, 2006
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