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(in new zealand) to 'sack it' is to 'drop your sack' or 'drop your nuts'. in other words, bitch out of something or fear something.
"bro i was gonna fight that massive cunt"
"fuck off bro, you sacked it"


"bro is it true you broke that window"
"yeah man, fuck i'm sacking it"


"fight that dude, you better not sack it cunt"
by 4204298 December 06, 2013
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asshole, showoff, or idiotic person you just hate. I hate sackit's.
there goes that Mike kid, showing off at basketball again. Hes such a sackit.
by jellynutz January 31, 2004
(v) To go to sleep

sack comes from the slang term for sleeping bag. so sack it literally means get in a sleeping bag, or go to sleep.
"Yo, im so tired, im about to sack it."

"Im going to call it a night, its about time I sack it."
by mrlarsen8 November 05, 2006

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