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to make make or cause trouble
I knew they would raise hell if we went ahead with the plan.
by Light Joker April 22, 2007
To object something strongly.
To stirr up trouble.
To intend to cause a strong impact to something.
Dude to bartender: "Your beer tastes like crap!"
Bartender: "Are you here to raise hell?"
by AxelF March 22, 2006
Popularized by East Coast hood rats, specifically from West Virginia, the saying "raise Hell" is usually accompanied by a raising and shaking of the Hawaiian Shaka sign

The slogan is used, and usually yelled, when a rule is broken or other such chaos is caused.

A variation of "raise Hell" exists where the "se" is removed from "raise" and the slogan becomes "rai Hell!"
"Aye, Daniel, we're about to po up on the West!"
"Fuck yeah! Raise Hell!"
by MCHammered_ December 09, 2012
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