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19 definitions by the bg

The token soccer mom SUV. Usually has 4-5 bumper stickers on the tailgate bragging about how her little shit plays little-league soccer and/or is an honor student at the local middle school.
I laugh everytime I see a suburban in my neighborhood because they're so predictable. Always being driven by an overweight 35-40 year old woman.
by the bg August 21, 2004
352 123
Famous guitar distortion pedal. Sounds pretty good.
Also has a funny sounding name...
by the bg August 21, 2004
222 45
SRV died in a helicopter crash on August 27th, 1990.
by the bg August 15, 2004
81 12
Having sex while in a graveyard. Usually what goth teens want to do for whatever reason.
"Let's go have buck-wild graveyard sex."
by the bg August 20, 2004
60 23
1.) To discharge urine, to piss
2.) The alias of Saul Hudson, lead guitarist for Velvet Revolver and formerly of Guns N' Roses.
1.) Be right back, gonna take a slash in the bushes.
2.) Naturally Slash plays a Les Paul.
by the bg August 20, 2004
69 42
The same as saying "that's not my problem". Coined from the classic Metallica song off of Load.
Draggin' me down, why you around?
So useless
It ain't my fall, it ain't my call
It ain't my bitch
by the bg September 05, 2004
30 11
We know how to do it and we do it real well.
Born to raise hell, born to raise hell
Play that guitar just like ringing a bell
by the bg August 14, 2004
21 6