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Slang for pourin up
To mix with. As in mix syrup with sprite.
Po up
"I'm smokin out, pourin up, keep it lean up in my cup" Pimp C
by angela hartson August 18, 2006
Poop spelled like soup
Aww snap, my soup tastes like poup!
by 2nd Prize April 17, 2003
to mix yourself some purple drink/syrup/sizzurp
You know me; hundred dollar bills on my fold up, 80 4's every time I roll up
Purple drink everytime I po' up
by MenkStaRR June 21, 2007
When you go to the bathroom, and your shit is liquid. (Diarrhea)
I ate that sushi and now i have to "poup"!
by Socklesshobo April 10, 2010
A cute little sack of love.
She watches the Carebears, she's such a poup!
by katsumotom October 09, 2011
Soup that looks, smells, or tastes like poop.
"Ew! This taste like Poup!"
by Myelz February 18, 2008