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Slang for pourin up
To mix with. As in mix syrup with sprite.
Po up
"I'm smokin out, pourin up, keep it lean up in my cup" Pimp C
by angela hartson August 18, 2006
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to mix yourself some purple drink/syrup/sizzurp
You know me; hundred dollar bills on my fold up, 80 4's every time I roll up
Purple drink everytime I po' up
by MenkStaRR June 21, 2007
Poop spelled like soup
Aww snap, my soup tastes like poup!
by 2nd Prize April 17, 2003
When you go to the bathroom, and your shit is liquid. (Diarrhea)
I ate that sushi and now i have to "poup"!
by Socklesshobo April 10, 2010
A cute little sack of love.
She watches the Carebears, she's such a poup!
by katsumotom October 09, 2011
Soup that looks, smells, or tastes like poop.
"Ew! This taste like Poup!"
by Myelz February 18, 2008

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