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when a male is recieving oral sex and at the climax, forcing her head farther into his penis and in case shooting cum out her nose
my girl enjoys pulling a raging dragon actually
by fran February 16, 2004
When a woman goes down on a man, the man then finishes while pushing the womans head down, resulting in the woman gagging and having the mans product shot out of both nostriles.
"I totally gave Genie the Raging Dragon Last night when she was sucking me off in the car!"
by Uwanablikeme May 17, 2006
The last in the negative spiral succession of the dragon series. First in the series comes the White Dragon. Next is the Red Dragon. Last, but not least, is the Raging Dragon. This is a bit more involved but well worth the reaction that will surely follow. After ejaculating into a girls mouth after oral, quickly take the biggest, steamest shit into her mouth. Before she has time to react, duct tape her mouth shut. Pin her arms down or tie her up before hand. As she begins to freakout and gag, she immediately explode all the contents of her mouth out through her nose. Hence, the Raging Dragon.
Watch what you say or I'll Raging Dragon your mother into next week.

What's up with your mom? She looks like she got Raging Dragoned like a thousand times last night.
by The Be all to End all June 11, 2008
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