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13 definitions by fran

A guy who smokes weed and gets high. Not to be confused with a person who stones people.
Royal Chan is a stoner.
by fran October 27, 2004
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A character in the Japanese animation TV show, Yuugiou (Yu-Gi-Oh). Bakura is a teenaged boy with pale purple-white hair who holds the Sennen (Millennium) Ring. Contained within the Sennen Ring is another spirit who shares the name Bakura and is referred to as Yami (Dark) Bakura or as 'The Spirit of the Ring' Often Bakura is referred to as Ryou by the fandom, even though no one in the show refers to him as such and the US adaptation of the anime did not give him a personal name.
Bakura is Yuugi's friend

Bakura is often prossesed by the darkness of the Sennen Ring.
by Fran April 20, 2004
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A vagina that is so loose, the whole state of Montana could slip right through. The only alternative when encountering such a beaver is to break out a beaver cleaver.
After seeing Fran's Montana Beaver, Jerry shook his head and broke out his beaver cleaver. This was going to take all night.
by Fran December 31, 2003
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when a male is recieving oral sex and at the climax, forcing her head farther into his penis and in case shooting cum out her nose
my girl enjoys pulling a raging dragon actually
by fran February 16, 2004
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A penis that has been fortified with Viagra and poppers in order to make its presence known in a Montana Beaver. The cleaving process is time consuming and exhausting. It requires a dedicated man willing to screw a woman who has indiscriminately screwed everything, animate and inanimate. The beaver cleaver is a high calling that only a special few can answer.
Jerry was tapped into active duty beaver cleaver status after Fran declared war on all phallic objects, thus acquiring a Montana beaver.
by Fran December 31, 2003
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it's a french word for weed.
Came from the original word "herbe"
j'ai même plus assez de beuh pour rouler un stick :(
by Fran April 02, 2005
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goodness me, man alive, etc.
by fran August 06, 2003
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