A form of quitting from a person's workplace of employment after being treated like a douche by management and bosses. The employee becomes so enraged by management and retarded customers that they take the persona of a dragon or similar mythical creature and resign from their job. Objects tend to be broken during a rage quit.
Petunia was so pissed off by the mentally insane chat users and betrayal by the Moderation Manager that she rage quit yesterday. She broke shit and everything, it was wicked.
by CowCamoBoy March 28, 2009
Top Definition
To stop playing a game out of an anger towards an event that transpired within the game.
ProRanDom kills NSPlayer with swipe
NSPlayer: F$#k! hacker!
NSPlayer has left the server
ProRanDom: haha RAGEQUIT!
by cerv March 28, 2005
Throwing the poker chips, flipping the Monopoly board, unplugging the Nintendo, taking your ball and going home.
"Dave: Any ONE of these SIX FUCKING CARDS and I would have won! UnbeFUCKINGlievable! You are terrible! You should have lost! Fucking cards! FUCK YOU!

Dave is disconnected from the game.

Bill: His computer crash?

Rob: No, he rage quit"
by Mania Mr July 10, 2009
Usually used in online videogames when a player gets killed so many times that he yells or "rages" at the computer monitor, which is usually followed by an alt+F4 or a "User has disconnected".
*Bane gets killed by random kid over and over*



Random: lawl, look, I made the guy rage quit.
by Forcy October 23, 2006
reyj - kwit Verb, rage quit or rage quit·ted, rage quit·ting, Adjective

1. To stop, cease, or discontinue a game due to aggravation from being constantly bested pwned in any type of challenge within the game.

2. To scream wildly whilst mashing the keyboard before slamming it violently into a computer monitor, causing many of the keys to scatter about in an untidy manner after being bested pwned in any type of challenge within the game.

3. To suck so horribly and blame the hardcore fail on everyone else through indeterminable screaming before quitting.
McTrinity has died.


McTrinity has left the game. (Disconnected by user)

by iTragedy February 28, 2010
To leave a competitive online game in a rage like an angry child usually complaining about your opponents tactics or your teamates skills.
Player ragequit's team just lost a pvp team battle so true to his name ragequit rage quit proclaiming "my teamates are always n00bs why cant they L2play all my teamates have newb builds"
by athenaminerva February 14, 2009
When overwhelming rage caused by the online gaming world drives you into such madness, you quit from doing whatever the hell it is your doing.
Mark:"Those god damn fucking bandersnachers!"
-Throws keyboard, exiting/logging off and possibly uninstalling the game.-

Mark has left the game.

Eugene:"He Rage Quit, lol."
by Notoriety December 19, 2009
v. To quit out of a game because you are either losing, failing, or just plain suck
Jimmy ragequit because he was getting his ass kicked in Street Fighter
by GoldenboyFTW July 16, 2010

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