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Future Husband
"That boy is so cute, he's def's my FH!"
by D-Rae October 14, 2008
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Acronym for Forgotten Hope, a popular realism modification for the computer game Battlefield 1942.
Up for a game of FH mate?
by Veldrin October 15, 2004
Or Fun Hater. Somebody who does not take part in Fun Activities and instead would rather do other stuff that cool people are not involved in or doing. A close friend did not go to a fun part or event, so now they are an FH until they go to the next fun event and become an FL. or Fun Lover.
1) Lucas did not jump off of the trestles into the lake while all the cool kids did. He is an FH.

2) Instead of going to the Rasleegusert club meeting at the restaurant they stayed at home and did nothing. What a FH!
3) Jake didn't go to the football game. Why? Because he is a FH!
by Fun Lover!!! January 26, 2011
short for fuckhead; used in online conversation
"hey i just threw a fridge at someone!"
"u absolute fh :P"
by jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaackk January 02, 2010
FH stands for fucking handy
Darren brought us in mcdonalds for breakfast, thats FH !!
by DARREN UK February 16, 2010
Fh= Fag hag, the female counterpart in which surrounds and or follows gay males. Another appropriate term is Fag Enabler
Jack is so gay he has a fh that never leaves his side. Its sad how she has to do everything for him too!
by judo choper August 10, 2009
A Friendship Handshake -
the woman in your life (your best friend and soul mate) gives you a hand job.
The sexspecialist gave me a FH
by CriostoirHulme August 09, 2005

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