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Furiously programming out of anger due to being ignored, rejected, or dumped by a girl, or for simply having made a dumbass mistake earlier in the day. Usually leads to something amazing.
(friday afternoon)
Friend: Yo waddup, any plans for tonight?
Rage coder: nah, just got rejected by a Joanna. hurts. (opens a beer, turns on computer)
Friend: Aw sorry man, forget her. You wanna hit up some bars then?
Rage coder: no, i'm gonna rage code and make the next Facebook

(monday morning)
Friend: oh shit dude, you alright? you look like you haven't slept/eaten/showered in three days!
Rage coder: yeah i just launched my new site two hours ago. I got half a million views and just got a call from Andreessen Horowitz, looking to invest.
by gunit2 October 20, 2013
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