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To be forcefully grabbed and shaken with such ferocity that the recipient resembles a ragdoll, usually occuring when a person has to restrain from more direct attacks for the sake of some bad concequences. For example nightclub bouncers/men with angry girlfriends/prison guards etc.
The cheeky twat thought he was a proper hard cunt til the bouncers ragdolled him all over the bar before chucking him out.
by gobshite March 02, 2005
rag-dolled...to have had rough & ready sex with a female.
"Man, that sticky Vicky will be walking bow-legged for a week after we rag-dolled her last night"
by Dr Fox May 17, 2007
when someone is shot and there body goes limp resembling a ragdoll
you ragdolled that nigga my homie
by bob bmac August 29, 2006
An extreme sports term used in the downhill/freeride mountain-biking scene and possibly other forms of discipline.

To be thrown from your bike during a crash with your arms and legs flailing whilst you're hitting the ground, trees, etc. in a random fashion.
Man, I got rag dolled on that road gap.
by Adam 'r.domain' Ritchie April 27, 2007
a person that plays a contact sport and gets hit really hard into the ground.
"shit dat nigga got rag dolled"
by Massey high May 18, 2005