Someone whos bun looks ugly af. All the haters hate them
Why does that ragamuffin look like that on picture day, she is supposed to look pretty today
by ralphseri November 21, 2014
From Roman Dirge's comic book series/flash cartoons. He originally was a vampire who would feed on humans.

One night, he attacked a woman and ate her. Her sister saw this, and being a witch, turned him into a doll for eternity. It was said that one drop of blood would turn him back to being a vampire.

But Lenore being dead and having embalming fluids and her blood mixed together, Ragamuffin was doomed to be a doll forever. He is good friends with Lenore.
Lenore and Ragamuffin are always on some adventure
by XxDeadly_NightshadexX June 05, 2009
A person who does not like turnips or rutabagas.
Molly: "I don't like turnips"
Corey: "Then you're just a Ragamuffin"
by jonasalicious August 26, 2014
Ragged whore, Dirty Fuck doll, and a cum junkie, ect....
That bitch is a rag a muffin!
by Jane Dont November 21, 2010
1. a style of dancehall reggae music that started in the 80s which blends a DJ half-singing and half-rapping rhythm into a hip hop flavor.

2. nickname for Steven and Damian Marley
1. "Damian Marley's new album has throbbing rhythms and a heavily-accented ragamuffin style." -Rhapsody Online

2. "This is ragamuffin, Junior Gong comin' next" -Damian Marley

by Shastanqua January 18, 2007
Small children, usually helpless.
See: whippersnapper
I get you yet, silly ragamuffins!
by Andy Larsen November 04, 2004
a bratty child ...especially girl... very not-fitting into today's superficial materialistic and whatever society.
didn't go to school... don't work... no make-up, no bling bling.
so my boyfriend calls me a cute lil' ragamuffin.
by Lisa June 15, 2003

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