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multi-purpose word used to describe anything good or bad
-actually meaning is determined by context of sentence-
"That was a really rafty party."
"That dog that bit me was a rafty son of a bitch."
by architectben December 10, 2009
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An illegal Cuban immigrant who has come to America (usually Florida) in a raft.
The maid at the Holiday Inn was such a Rafty, she only spoke Spanish.
by D..... January 20, 2008
Something stale or musty. Something that has gone bad.
"That cheese smells straight rafty man! What kind is it?"


Example # 2:

"Hey B, it's starting to smell a bit rafty in here! Exactly how long has it been since you washed?"

"Oh, thats just rafty!"

"Hehe, I know!"

"Isn't that your daily aroma anyway?"

"To bad I get it from being aroud you!"

"....*thinking, thinking*....Shit"

"Yeah man, shits pretty rafty smelling!"

"You have rafty issues!"

"Never denied it. You wanna get rafty later?"


"Thats right! RAFTY!"

"Is that a challenge?"

"Do you want it to be?"

"Oh, thats rafty woman?"

"Who brought the rafty first?"

"No, I said wonky first!"

"And thus, I bring you Rafty!"

"Y'all this chicks rafty!"

"Naw man, we know her! She's just that good when you're looking for an original-like word that could be utilised for slang context."

"I did hear for the right proposition, she'll get straight rafty on an assistance!"

"Thats what all the rafty ones say!"
by PatsAteSomeBuffalo November 11, 2012
Rafty. A girl that is subpar, overweight, sailor mouthed or a pisstank. This is relationship to a girl who may be sleek and built for speed like a skiboat.
Stu-"Hey Bart! Did you nail that Chick last night?"
Bart-"Nah, she was way to rafty. Smelled like smokes and dog piss and couldn't stop talking about drinking Wisers"
by Stuperman July 25, 2006
1. A person who hates Tafty's Hair.

2. A person who thinks he's cool because he can cook.

3. A pimp that has a master named Tafty.

4. A man hoe.
Girl 1 : "Damnn girl! Look at that Rafty ova there."

Girl 2 : "Girl, you don't want to mess with that, he appeared on the Maury Show 43 times."
by Barbiexqirl April 15, 2009

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