A raffi is a considerable dickhead. By dickhead the author means dick-head. He has a penis-shaped upperbody and his head looks like the tip of a dick. Not only is this physical but if someone is a dick just call them a raffi. Ra means dick and ffi means head in Armenian, Latvian, Canadian, and of course Martian.
That guys upper-physique make him look like a dickhead, ergo he is a raffi.
by Armenian PC warrior raffi April 27, 2012
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The best singer to solicit American children since Barney. Sung great songs such as "down by the bay" and "peanut butter sandwich"
Wilabe wallabe we an elepahant sat on me!
by cynthia May 12, 2004
Also known as the Children's Troubadour, one of the greatest children's musicians of all time. Responsible for such hits as Baby Beluga and Bananaphone.
Baby Beluga in the deep blue sea, you swim so wild and you swim so free...
by The Almighty Mistress of Merr December 19, 2003
The hottest man on the island, who is sweet, smart, and sexy.
Where can I get a Raffi?
by 0824DMM April 13, 2010
the mid-nifkin ridge, or line of skin that runs from the top of the ass crack, to a man's dick hole. On a woman it runs from her ass crack and up her cunt.
The flavor and musk of the raffi varies. In the southern region it is very dark, stinky, and tastes literally like shit. As you head north, the smell becomes like salt and vinegar chips on a hot sunny day.
by Irish Cream March 07, 2008
(verb) To be shuffled off, as a result of the contact with the will of a Yeti.

(noun) A urban Yeti-like creature sans the mysticism.
Being raffied out of this venue felt like stepping in something slick on a sliding board. We went down hard and reeled from the sharp blow of landing for long thereafter.
by om shiva September 21, 2004
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