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The occurance of needing a turd so badly that you let a little bit of shit out of your anus and it gets smeared all around your crack. The ass itself when looked at, then has the appearance of a peanut butter sandwich.
"Ive got such a peanut butter sandwich right now."

As the naked man bent over, the onlookers cried "Oh my god hes got quite a peanut butter sandwich."
by TehMuel October 20, 2007
the act of shitting between the boobies of your partner and then proceeding to tit fuck her.
what happened to your peanut butter sandwich.....oh i gave it to your mom:)
by Josiah, Alexander November 25, 2008
when ones head is inserted into womans vagina while she is suffering from a yeast infection. yours ears will resemble bread (due to the califlower effect) and your head will be covered in butter.
"i just got a peanut butter sandwich from my wife."
by steve cameron April 03, 2008