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After making love, a man ejaculates on his partner's anus. After ejaculation is complete, the partner expels gas through their semen covered anus. This causes a "spouting" phenomena similar to that of a whale during its normal course of breathing through its blow hole.
Man: I just blew my load on your ass. Get ready to fart!
Partner: Get the camera ready. Here it comes!
Man: I can't wait to post these pics. What a perfect Baby Beluga!
by MoneyShotMaverick November 26, 2009
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A short fat girl that wears clothing thats to small for her. The term is derived from the beluga whale.
"i wish that baby beluga would pull her shirt down, you can see her rolls draping over her pants."
by G February 27, 2004
with clothes, same as a whalefuck which is without clothes
That baby beluga is a whalefuck, you can see her camel toe, her pannnis hangs over her belt, and you can count her pussy lips when she bends over provided that her legs are apart
by Jake February 29, 2004

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