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A term used to describe someone who never feels uncool. Based on the fact that the "true cool" is not caring who or what is actually "cool". He has revolutionary style but keeps it back out of fear of becoming fashionable.
Also used to describe a person who has all the answers to almost everything (except the future) and doesn't really care what you think the answer is, because you are wrong by default, unfortunately.

In the event of meeting a Rafeeq one should feel honored.
I have know clue what to wear? i wish i was Rafeeq.

If Rafeeq was here, he would know what to say.
by psuedolectual October 15, 2010
The ability to take any craft and turn it into art, by adding soul.
All my design needs now is rafeeq.
by psuedolectual October 15, 2010
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