1.a cooler way to say rad.
2. people over the age of 30 trying to be cool.

1. Hey Danielle! Wanna go to the movies?
2. Stacey talking to friend "Hey do you like my new purse?
Stacey's mom " Yeah its radical.
Stacey " Mom I wasn't talking to you!!!.
by Brandii Rocks January 27, 2008
when something is so tremendously keen that you must proclaim your observation of it being so.
"Gee! that Alienware Gaming System with optimal internal fiber optic lighting is RADICAL!!"
by Doodster December 11, 2006
An outdated 1980s bit of slang adopted by Christian youth ministers to sound as though they're in touch with youth culture. Seems to have no particular meaning.
"We're going to have a radical experience for the Lord here!" "Did he just say... BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! What a weenie!"
by connorbd@yahoo.com February 11, 2006
When you are completely cool and have no faults. Or...Not Mitch. Or....Phil.
Holy shit. I know this kid named Phil, he is so radical, he sniffs baking soda and red chili liquid.
by Awesomeness. March 06, 2005
Lewis. You know who you are. You are the definition of this word. YOU ARE RADICAL. LEWIS = RADICAL.
"Lewis, you are so radical, you are melting my face off."
"Lewis amazes me with his radical."
by Lindzko December 09, 2004
Adj: radical usually is something that was done that was so awesomely amazing and gnarly. It can also be someone that is overly cool and gnarly, like McRadly.
Sir-"have you met Ashly "
Other sir-"yeah dude she so radical!"
by "Burger boy" July 11, 2016
The art of something being rad
a- 'wow that's a radical booty'
b-'yeah, it's totally the art of being rad'
by agd.e April 06, 2016
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