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Used to describe all things rad and awesome.

• The word "Radness" derived from the word "rad", which in turn derived from the word "radical".

• This is a 21st generation word, and no mere mortal may speak of such a word in the company of persons who fail to comply with being Rad.

It also happens to be the raddest website on the web:
"Hey Johnny, you should try some of this pot I jacked from my granny, this shit is pure radness!"

"Man, that site has some rad shit!"
by September 28, 2011
Quality of being rad. See radliness.
Shawna's radness is insurpassable, she's cooler than Coolio, deafer than Mos Def, and shaggier than Shaq.
by idunnit May 04, 2005
RADness is short for Random Acts of Designess. The definition of a Random Act of Designess is where you surf the web, find a good cause that needs some help with it’s identity, or promotional material (or anything else design related). Some appropriate design work that you believe will benefit the cause is done and together with an explanation, it is send to them. Completely unsolicited way of helping a good cause just because you felt like it.
Hey, at the weekend I designed a funky new poster for that environmental group I came across on the web. I just really felt their cause was great but their promotional material wasn't. That's my first ever random act of designess (RADness), I wonder who I'll pick to do my next one for?!
by GJSP March 18, 2007
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