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A little fish named Emo runs away and tries to commit suicide. His father goes on several adventures to try to find Emo, so that child services won't arrest him, again. Emo ends up joining a whiny "rock" band, and gets rich from stupid losers who watch MTV.
a great movie starring Ellen DeGeneres
by Cindy June 28, 2004
Where all my Dominicans be at
Yo let's catch the 36 to Da Heights.
by Cindy December 12, 2003
loud noise,commotion....
will you poeple stop all that racket.
by cindy March 02, 2005
Stuck in a situation that you can not get out of easily
That poor guy got stuck like chuck and could not get out of it.
by Cindy May 15, 2003
Means your wife is cheating on you.
Cuidado no vayas a ser cachudo.
Be careful you're wife might be cheating on you.
by Cindy July 29, 2003
giving head; a blow job
" they give good georgia dome"
by cindy March 26, 2004
A person that is smoothly agreeable and courteous; Sweet; pleasant; delightful; gracious or agreeable; in manner; attractive and just wants to make people happy.
Man 1: Damn nigga, you got it like dat? You a pimp dawg.

Man 2:"I aint a pimp, I'm a suavologist :-)"
by Cindy May 03, 2004
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