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A term used to refer to a pal or chum of yours.
I invited that motherfucker over to mah crib and we got piss drunk like a couple o' drunk motherfuckers.
by redelixir March 15, 2003
A term that does not mean anything in accordance to any type of English literature. You idiots.
That fucktart over there wrote his thesis on Beowulf's tragic flaw and failed his paper like the mofo that he is.
by redelixir March 12, 2003
1. Used to inform someone of their inability to handle the current situation.
2. To refrain from speech.
3. To get the hell out.
You're going fail the test David, go home.
by redelixir March 09, 2003
A twinkie (azn person who acts white) who acts like a wigger (white person who acts gangster).
Look at the twigga tryin to rock those wigger clothes, I don't think they know they are azn.
by redelixir April 03, 2003
To own a workout machine by lifting all the plates.
I fuckin' racked the bench press like it was nothin'.
by redelixir March 29, 2003

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