Anyone who does not favor a specific black person regardless of who they are.

Anyone who did not vote for Obama; because he is half black you have to vote for him or you are a racist.

Anyone who thinks Trayvon Martin was rightfully shot is a racist. Since Trayvon was black he didn't deserve it.
Racist: "Obama is wasting so much money and making so many laws it's like we are slowly losing our freedom."

-You're just a racist, you're the reason our country is how it is.
by FightforFreedom July 11, 2013
A person that loves to race.
John: "Ironically, most of the racists I know are black."

Bob: "Cool, I'd like to have a race with them one of these days!"

John: "WTF?"
by VexusFlytrap January 12, 2011
Guy 1: Dude, I'm really racist right now..
Guy 2: no shit, which one is it now? The Jew? The Asian?
Guy 1: No, I'm really angry cause I suck tits. Racist.
by I'm RACIST right now November 29, 2010
The "n-word" for white people.
Worker: I'm sorry sir, but you are not allowed to bring outside food and drink-...
Jamaloquin: Racist!
Worker: Right this way, sir.
by Dr. Blackhand November 23, 2013
An adjective used to describe something you don't like or agree with.
"Trump wants to build a wall to stop illegal immigration? That's racist!"
by JustAGuy24 May 15, 2016
Black Lives Matter
Daquan: Black people are the victims and anyone who denies this is racist yo!
Mark: What about all the suffering Native Americans endured??
Daquan: Dat shit didn't happen bruh. It's all mythology n shit. Black people are the real victims.
Mark: I don't agree with you.
*Daquan beats up Mark and takes his wallet. Then a cop shoots Daquan and Black Lives Matter becomes outraged*
by DeathThe1stReaper May 29, 2016
To be white or conservative.
To believe race-specific (typically targeted towards black people) stereotypes or use race-specific (typically targeted toward black people) phrases, words, or colloquialisms.

An excuse commonly used by minority groups or individuals to justify or rationalize ignorant or foolish actions, or to escape justice.
White man: "Yes, Will is a very respectable black man--"
Politician: "I don't appreciate the racism. Please say 'African-American' or 'pigmentally gifted'."

White man to black friend: "Hey, what's up, nigga?"
Black friend: "Fuck you. That's racist."

Policeman to minority criminal: "You're under arrest for Breaking and Entering, Assault, and Theft."
Minority criminal: "You racist pig! You think I did it? Why, because I'm not white?"
by Frederick H W C Johnson September 28, 2015
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