Guy 1: Dude, I'm really racist right now..
Guy 2: no shit, which one is it now? The Jew? The Asian?
Guy 1: No, I'm really angry cause I suck tits. Racist.
by I'm RACIST right now November 29, 2010
Anyone who does not favor a specific black person regardless of who they are.

Anyone who did not vote for Obama; because he is half black you have to vote for him or you are a racist.

Anyone who thinks Trayvon Martin was rightfully shot is a racist. Since Trayvon was black he didn't deserve it.
Racist: "Obama is wasting so much money and making so many laws it's like we are slowly losing our freedom."

-You're just a racist, you're the reason our country is how it is.
by FightforFreedom July 11, 2013
Anyone white (apparently).
All whites are born racists and need to spend the rest of their lives atoning for it.
by fifilarue November 12, 2015
1) A person unwilling to apologize for a sound understanding of the huge disproportion of black representation as perpetrators of crime,their disproportionate composition of prison populations and as the recipients of social programs relative to their own population when compared to the total population in its totality.A white person unwilling to accept responsibility for the above listed facts as being the result of ongoing white suppression of blacks and other minority groups despite a half century of "Affirmative Action" and other such programs.
2) A white man who, upon coming home from work discovers his wife being raped and brutalized by a black male and calls the police after shooting him.
3) A white woman uninterested in having sex with a black male
4) A person who harbors negative preconceptions about a population based only upon their race.
5) An excuse for not getting ones way
"She a racist bitch for saying she don't want to go out with me."
by Wood Bee Righter October 25, 2015

Racist is a person who judges/offends other people because of their skin color or race.

If you think a racist is a person who likes to race or a person who drives a car for a living, you're wrong. Because that is a racer.
I discovered that my friend is racist.
by AwesomeCar January 13, 2015
The "n-word" for white people.
Worker: I'm sorry sir, but you are not allowed to bring outside food and drink-...
Jamaloquin: Racist!
Worker: Right this way, sir.
by Dr. Blackhand November 23, 2013
What 12 year olds call you if you say the word Black or the word White. Clearly, they do not understand what Racism means.
Me: I think Blue goes really good with the color black!
12 Year old:You're racist!
by DAHpargles February 07, 2012

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