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What 12 year olds call you if you say the word Black or the word White. Clearly, they do not understand what Racism means.
Me: I think Blue goes really good with the color black!
12 Year old:You're racist!
by DAHpargles February 07, 2012
A person that loves to race.
John: "Ironically, most of the racists I know are black."

Bob: "Cool, I'd like to have a race with them one of these days!"

John: "WTF?"
by VexusFlytrap January 12, 2011
The "n-word" for white people.
Worker: I'm sorry sir, but you are not allowed to bring outside food and drink-...
Jamaloquin: Racist!
Worker: Right this way, sir.
by Dr. Blackhand November 23, 2013
A. Someone who is insecure about the race they were born with or how they represent themselves so are overly sensitive to criticism and words from someone of a different race deemed superior to them by their own instinct.They usually are verbally and physically threatening towards them because they are not intelligent or mature enough to handle it appropriately.
B. Someone labeled this has usually had more than one bad experience with people from a different race than themselves and question if was merely a coincidence.Anger usually builds as to why they were treated poorly by the other race on different occasions and harbors an expressed animosity toward the people in question.Sometimes there was no prior resentment towards those people but after more than one bad experience they have had enough and dont want anything to do with them.Other times resentment has been a part of their upbringing so they may not know better.Most of the time they keep this to themselves for fear of being labeled a racist but if they exercise their freedom of opinion or speech they by default become some type of threat or monster in the offending party's eyes and are labeled as a racist for telling the truth about their opinion.Other times they can get away with their blatant hate because they are of the "miniority" and the "politically correct" enviroment of the media and corporations are scared of potential lawsuits and threats by the offensive nature of these system using "minorities"
Steve is jealous of the new guy joe at work who is of a different race but obviously more capable and a better worker than himself.Steve has always been a loud mouthed, crap talking worker who talks down to people like he is the best.Most people find him annoying to work with but put up with just to get through the day and be non confrontational.The new guy Joe does not like the hostile work enviroment that the trash talking Steve makes for when he has to work around him and after a couple of weeks starts giving it back to Steve but steve being the type of person who can dish it out but cant take it takes offense to Joe's comebacks and calls him a racist.Steve also makes threatening and violent remarks to joe and wants to fight.Joe has better things to do than fight punk ass Steve and lose his job so he tells his manager Chris what is going on.Chris talks to Steve and steve says Joe was making racist comments to him that made hime very angry.Chris knows they both cant work together so Joe loses his job because the company fears a discrimination lawsuit by Steve if they fire him.
by Nobody7 October 21, 2009
a term that ignorants use who can not tell the difference in meaning between the term stereotype
Bob: people who say 'racist' when they should be saying 'stereotype' are the true ignorants in this world
Jones: i agree
by AZ187 July 30, 2008
A word for a specific type of asshole
Person 1: Dude don't hang with that black guy
Person 2: I'd rather hang with him since he isn't racist like you.
by Jr. J July 01, 2014
A mean ass judge mental bitch that judges you by your race.
A Mexican doesn't like an Asian because he is racist.
by mexicain taco May 29, 2014