When urban dictionary doesn't publish your definition just because you're mexiacn
"A few volunteer editors read your definition and decided not to publish it. Don't take it personally!"
Well that's just racist..
by Fuzz ball December 06, 2014
When you vaguely refer to slightly right political view on any matter or imply that there's a deeper meaning to life other than materialism.
Hey, maybe we should actually shut down the Federal Reserve.

Shut up racist!

Maybe we are living a simulation that is actually programmed by some unknown entity.

Your racism is intolerable!
by ash6246 November 21, 2013
Delila Shippe, the current Merczateers Forces Advisor.
Daffee Vita: "Delila is a dirty American racist"
by Smooth Jazz December 28, 2009
a muthafucka violatin' another persons culture
the user toyota toyota: i like to be a racist, especially against germans.
me: you should be killed then.
the user toyota toyota: i'd rather be put in a penn so i can drop the soap.
by jerome_187 June 07, 2006
This person usually loves to fish. They support Donald Trump running for president. They are a big fan of the Meninst account on Twitter. Believe that hanging the confederate flag is okay. Probably burning down black churches. Possibly apart of the KKK. Enjoy unseasoned chicken. Use the hashtag "#DontMessWithTexas". Don't believe in gun control so they can shoot as many cultures as they please. Believe Bush did 9/11.
"John Deer is such a racist!"
by Yonnaboo17 July 13, 2015
this website
type in niglet and see for yourself that its racist
by zacidyroo July 06, 2015
Someone who treats someone differently because of their skin color or race.
NOT someone who says the word "black"
Andrew: Did you hear what Jeffrey said about black people?
Gregory: Yeah, what a racist.
by JellyPopTarts July 04, 2015

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