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Occurs when everyone has shoveled their driveway, and a snow plow driver is plowing the roads, and he needs to dump the snow somewhere. Problem is, everyone's driveways are clear, so the decision is made as a matter of race.
MaximusBlack: This plow comes down the street, he's piling this stuff up, and he can't pile it anywhere else. So I know that this guy was looking around thinkin' of whose day he's going to screw over. And he looks to the left: white folk, white folk, white folk, white folk, negro. Plow him. And I get plowed in, and I was so sour! And all I can do is just stand there, and give him that look.

NovaWar: Wait, wait, wait, wait. I guess you could call that, "racial plowfiling" YEEEAAAHHHHHHH!

-Thyra (Z) VS Plowboy (T) -- Starcraft 2 LAGTV
#maximusblack #novawar #canada #snow #shoveling #snowplow
by Jesse_V February 14, 2013
When a Negro, Asian, or Pakistani is living in a predominantly Caucasian neighborhood, and they have just finished shoveling their driveway, the local plow proceeds to use their driveway/lawn as the dump point for that street. Most commonly seen in Canada, most likely because of the large racial mix, and massive amounts of snow.
Are you fucking kidding me? That's racial plowfiling!
#racism #snow #shoveling #pain #depression
by Anonymous-Canadian February 15, 2013
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